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We are an Oriental Rug dealer of new and antique Persian rugs. We also have a selection of antique Caucasian rugs as well as carpets from other major rug producing regions. All our rugs are hand made.

Our Oriental rug store is located in The Market @ the Western Fair, second floor.

Saturday 8am - 3pm
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Persian Rugs in London Ontario.

Near & Far is London Ontario's only source for genuine Persian rugs. We have a varied selection of new and antique Persian and oriental rugs. You'll find area rugs as well as room sized Persian carpets that meet your need for quality and value.

Our hand made wool rugs range in size from 2'x3' up to 9'x12'. Our Persian rugs offer you the more casual & modern tribal designs as well as traditional, more formal oriental rug patterns. We specialize in the vibrant reds and blues that Persian rugs are famous for but also carry rugs in blacks, grey, terracotta and other colours.

We offer the residents of London and southwest Ontario a convenient location to see and purchase rugs that are new or antique, 100 years old and older.

What makes my Persian Rug worth the price?

valuable oriental rugWhen you choose a good Persian Rug it will last decades even in an area of heavy traffic. But it’s durability is only one factor to consider. An average quality room sized rug (7’x10’) takes months to make and will have a million hand tied knots. This represents a level of craftsmanship that is seldom found in any other home furnishing today.

Oriental rugs have flexible uses. You can’t move your lovely dining room table into the living room but an Oriental Rug can be moved from dining room to living room to family room as needed or when you simply want a change.

And better yet when you move you don’t have to leave Oriental Rugs behind like other flooring only to put new flooring in your new home. You can take your valued carpet with you when it’s an Persian Carpet.

Why have a Persian Rug in my home?

oriental rug in a dining roomThe carefully chosen colours and elegant, time tested designs of Persian Rugs go with many decorating styles. They are the last piece of furniture you’ll ever need to replace even when you totally redecorate. Each strand of wool in our rugs is securely hand knotted, not “tufted” or glued with glues that off-gas toxins into your home as other carpeting does. Hand knotted Oriental Rugs are the healthy choice for your home.

Every handmade Persian Rug is unique. The rugs you choose will only ever be yours. It’s your home and now you will show your style with a hand knotted Oriental Rug.



How do I choose my Oriental Rug?

choose a rugIt’s best to be prepared. Measure both your room size and measure the area you want to cover. Allow for some variations in the area covered because the rug with the perfect colours never comes in the perfect size. Know the minimum and maximum sizes you can use. Be prepared to nudge some furniture over a bit just as you do when you add any other piece of furniture to a room. Bring colours samples and even a pillow or other item whose colours you need to work with. You may find that a rug you didn’t think would work works beautifully when you can test the possible colour combinations in the showroom.

A quality rug will have a dense pile, it doesn’t have to be long, though that can be more comfortable underfoot, but the pile should be dense. A dense pile will last longer, help to keep the dirt out as well as keep the pattern crisp and well defined instead of being brushed about with every footstep. When the pile is not as dense you should pay less then for a rug comparable in every other way.

Any rug worth buying should be made with high end dyes which don’t bleed (test on the back of the rug with a little water on a rag). If the colours bleeds or worst have already bleed then the rug will be very difficult to clean. Look for colours bleeds on any rug before you buy.

Feel the wool. You should still be able to feel the natural lanolin on the wool. Lanolin oil protects the rug from stains and some cheaper rugs use wool where the lanolin has been removed and sold for cosmetics and body care products.

Finally pick something you like. Each rug is different and nothing is perfect especially when you’re trying to match all the colours in the room, after all you can always repaint the walls!